Busy starting a new business…

I’ve been busy starting a new business. I am trying to sell framed canvas and paper prints of my photographs both online and locally.

Only I would finally try my hand at starting a business in this current economic downfall. The website is basically up, and I’m still researching various print services.


It’s pretty much taken up all my time.



Just testing

This is just a test to see how Facebook handles RSS feeds. I alsochanged the blog header to a photo I took back on Hamburg Beach, in Hamburg, NY, my home town.

Boring, I know 🙂


2008/12/28 Photo of the week

I took this photo at the Mohegan Sun casino, wandering around with my wife, nickle and diming them to death 🙂 We like to the play the penny slots, and if we come out ahead, we quit. This time around we started with $20 ($10 each) and left with over $44. As of this writing, we’ve always come out ahead 🙂

Ornamental Reflection
by ~NightLynx on deviantART

Can you guess who the reflection is?

Feel free to check out my other photos on Deviant Art.


2008-12-05 Photo of the Week

Christmas Puppies! Christmas light coats hade made by my wonderful wife. The problem with walking a solid black dog at night is that no one can see him. This takes care of that problem nicely, and increases the cuteness factor by a million 🙂



You lookin’ at me? You lookin’ at me?

I see your position…

“I see your position on the issues. I’ve considered them carefully, and I still think Thhhtpppthttpth!”

My puppy, Shadow